The purpose of this guide is to remind you of the tips and tricks to optimize the organization of the D-day.

I invite you to take a moment to read it carefully and anticipate so that you can enjoy yourself and your loved ones to the fullest on the day.

As for the rest, I will take care of it.

Getting prepared

Take advantage of this moment to appreciate your beauty.

I invite you to plan some important objects that I could stage to illustrate my report.

Among them :

  • Wedding announcement and/or invitation
  • Perfume
  • Bouquet of flowers, boutonniere, crown of flowers…
  • Cufflinks, tie, bow tie, suspenders…
  • Shoes
  • Wedding rings
  • Veil, dress
  • Other accessories specific to your wedding

First look

The first look is an intimate moment before the ceremony when the couple discovers each other for the first time in their wedding clothes. For those of you who have chosen it, you just have to close your eyes and trust me.

Your emotions will speak for themselves in pictures… 🙂

guide couple

The ceremony

Whether it is at the town hall or at the church, secular or religious, the ceremony is one of the most important moments in your day since it symbolizes your union.

My advice as a photographer, if possible, is to choose the best place, in the center of the arch, in the shade and visible to all your guests.

Place the ceremony officiant and your witnesses on the sides so that I can capture this unique exchange in the best possible conditions.

Couple's pictures

According to the planning, we can take a time between the ceremony and the cocktail to make your couple photos.

As I am used to working with natural light, you can trust me to choose the place that will make you stand out in the moment.

I will remind you that this will be an intimate moment where you will be officially committed to each other, leaving room for a lot of emotions.

So, let yourself be guided, you are beautiful and in love.

My mission will simply be to show you through my images.

Guide couple

Group pictures

During the cocktail, it is common to take group photos.

In order to optimize this moment, I invite you to prepare a list with the names of the guests, group by group. I also suggest that you ask one of your witnesses to assist me, as they will know your family and friends and will be able to help me gather them quickly.

My advice as a photographer: print these lists and give them to the witness responsible for this mission.

The cocktail

Take advantage of the cocktail party to sip a drink and chat with your loved ones who came especially for you today.

I will take pictures of the atmosphere, the decoration and the guests.

Guide couple


It is possible that I propose you to make some images at sunset.

Generally, this moment coincides with the passage to the table and allows to take advantage of a few minutes during which the guests take their seats.

The diner

Dinner is usually punctuated by speeches and other surprises of all kinds.

This is the time to sit down and enjoy a nice meal with your loved ones.

My photographer’s tip: the presence of sparklers or fireworks fountains during the entrance of the bride and groom for example.

Do not hesitate to put some at the disposal of the guests and to brief the DJ in order to make a microphone announcement at the right time. (Think of the lighters 😉 )

Guide couple

Wedding cake and bal

The evening really starts, you and your guests had only one thing left to do: be happy and enjoy this unique evening.

I usually switch to flash and blend in with the crowd to immortalize all the dances.

Day after and trash the dress

If you wish, we can meet after the wedding for a session.

The principle? Put on your outfits again and have a couple session in atypical places, without any time or organization constraints.

It can be at the top of a mountain, at the edge of a waterfall or even in the ocean, at sunrise or sunset, where the light is more intimate and more magical.

Away from prying eyes, this secret session is usually done one month after the big day.

Guide couple


Thank you for reading these notes which are intended to guide you and reassure you before the big day.

Finally, thank you for answering this questionnaire in order to centralize all the information.

I look forward to attending your union. 🙂