I was in the middle of my france photo tour when I stopped in Montpellier, a lovely city in the south west of the country. I had the chance to run into a lovely couple met in Meribel, heart of the three valleys. We had a couple of drinks, talked about our last respective winter season and decided to make a photoshoot the day after.

M. & A. met each other two years ago, during the 2017 summer season in Bantham, a little town in south west of England in Devon's area. She's british, he's french. He was a barrister, she was salad preparer and ice cream server. They worked in old Citroen foodtruck lost in a field, just next to the see.

M. use to be a barman but he wanted to try a cooler season. A. came back for a trip of two years in USA, spending a lot of time in Montana, in the cowboy country. After their summer season, when M. was going to came back to France, A. declared her love to him. Spontaneously.

They decided to find each other in ... Phillippines.

Since then, they never left each other.

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