I met G & A during a surf lesson, in Capbreton, south west of France, surf spot paradise.

Imagine huge sand’s beaches with dunes and little fisherman’s lodge just next to the ocean. The place was already unique, as G & A story.

They met each other in basq country Spain side. They are both from there and did the same police school. G was carpenter before he change his professional orientation. A did 5 years law school before. They came across each other with their own background in the right moment. They spent all their school year together, looking for each other.

G loves the fact that A follow him in every adventure, whatever he propose : sport, travel, life decision. This is one of the reason he’s completely in love with her. A love the way he looks at her. And when you see the pictures, you can definitely understand why. 

G & A are a lovely couple. I thought that A was the most shy one. But as soon as we started the photoshoot, I discover a very cute and shy man behind his muscles. I really spend a great time with them. It was like shooting closes friends. They did whatever I asked perfectly. 

Let’s see their love story in images.

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